Friday, 3 August 2018

Chilled Out!

KIds' Club has been going very well, in excess of 120 children daily. The beams of the chapel are decorated with snowflakes, and there are penguins everywhere.
The staff team are really committed, and working hard to give the children the best experience,

Every year I am so impressed with their efforts, in music, drama, games, crafts...
We start each day with a staff briefing - Miriam - extreme left of picture, sitting on the stage - is in charge. Look at the amazing 'Just Chillin' mural behind her. Martha painted that a few weeks back [we've missed Martha on the team this year - but she has just had her first baby, so is a understandably pre-occupied]
Every day we produce lots of craft [How I miss the space we had in Kirby Muxloe, where we could spread the teams between different rooms]
Here are Wednesday's Bouncy Penguin Pencils [our theme that day was God being with us in life's ups and downs] Apologies that Tuesday's Yogurt Pot Igloos never got photographed!
Thursday's Craft was food-related. Reindeer and Snowmen.
Rudolph is a chocolate tea cake, with half-pretzel antlers and a glace cherry nose. You can now buy the little icing eyes in the cake decorating section of the supermarket.

The snowman is comprised of a large marshmallow, a small marshmallow, a fruit pastille and a midget gem. These were speared, in that order, onto a cocktail stick.  Buttons and features were drawn on with food colouring pens.
Unfortunately I could not find any bags of small marshmallows which were all white - most seemed to be 50/50 white pink. I don't think the children minded!
Those few children who have allergies had snowmen to create in a separate room using cardboard tubes, cotton wool, and bottle tops.

Today's craft will be candy cane reindeer [here]
Are you involved in Holiday Clubs/Vacation Bible School/other summer stuff for kids?

Do please share any successful activities - I know that lots of us work with children, and we are always in the lookout for new ideas.


  1. Your Kids' Club is well attended! What a lovely mural! I like the crafts you are making, too. I'm sure the kids are having a lot of fun and their parents must be so happy to know that they are in a safe, supportive, and creative environment. It's a lot of work for the staff, though, isn't it?

  2. You are certainly keeping them busy and I hope that the theme of "Chilling" is helping with the heat.
    We don't have Sunday School in the summer but when young children arrive on Sunday morning they are given an activity bag which consists of a story geared to their level which reflects the theme of that Sunday's sermon, a craft or crayons with a page to colour - also Bible related. The other Sunday the minister announced that since the readings and the sermon that day would include a lot about sheep and shepherds then the activity was for the children to use the glue stick provided and stick a cotton ball onto the drawing of a sheep that they had been given and then to bring up their picture as the offering was being collected - there were a lot of very wooly sheep! :-)

  3. It sounds wonderful! I do miss our holiday club at my old church. Well done to all.x


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