Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Let The Waters Teem...

...with swarms of living creatures, said the Lord [Genesis 1:20]
Many of us have been distressed by all those photos of oceans full of plastic waste. But this week I came across some beautiful ocean pictures which I wanted to share. Ryo Minemizu, a Japanese photographer, has spent twenty years perfecting his technique. He spends between 2 and 8 hours a day underwater, taking pictures of plankton. These minuscule creatures measure between 2 and 40mm in length. He says
Plankton are intriguing and beautiful creatures. They symbolise how precious life is by their tiny existence. I wanted other people to see them as they are in the sea-that was my motivation for beginning to shoot plankton underwater, which is quite a challenge. Most plankton are so small and their movements are hard to predict. I have devoted my past 20 years to presenting their tiny figures, colours and textures to capture their vivid beauty
His Black Water Dive Technique, using special lights at night, illuminates these tiny animals, revealing their stunning beauty. Enjoy... 


  1. Aren't these wonderful!
    Oh the plastic thing is really getting me down- I just keep despairing!

  2. These are beautiful- you are beautiful! Happy end of August x

  3. How amazing. We have a large aquarium here in Toronto and what always amazes me is how colourful things are under the water. The jellyfish are mesmerizing - they have benches all around the room where their tanks are kept and I could sit and watch them for ages.


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