Monday, 13 August 2018

A Good Hare Day!

Everyone I have spoken to agrees that this year's charity Go-Go trail in Norwich/Norfolk is the best yet. So many hares, and leverets all over the city [and some out in the county] I've tried to take photos of all those I have seen - but it began to delay our progress - and so some ended up out of focus as I tried to hurry the photography [waiting for small children to clamber down, so I could snap the hare, but anxious not to lose sight of Bob disappearing up the street] 
As well as all the actual hares, there are hare window displays too. Can someone tell me how to take photos of these without getting all the reflections? It has been excellent, and I admire all those who have taken part. 
Here are just a few of this year's animals...

Don't YOU think they are good too? 
But there are an awful lot of BLUE ones!


  1. The landscape hares are lovely but the spider one is frightening!

  2. I like the tiger striped one, the best!

  3. We have lots of cows around, after a similar thing a few years ago. Come see them too!


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