Saturday, 18 August 2018

Let Them Eat Carbs!

You just can't win at the healthy diet game. One week the 'experts' say coffee is bad for you, the next, it is full of health benefits. Obesity will shorten your life- but now  they tell us that a long term low carb diet will have the same effect!
I think "all things in moderation" is probably a good way forward. But this is our holiday and the odd treat** here and there doesn't come amiss.
It's long been a family tradition to take fruitcake with us on a self-catering holiday. This year I bought a yellow-stickered jar of Waitrose Luxury Mincemeat for 40p [originally £1.79] when I was with Liz in London. That was the basis of two Crank's Belgian Cakes [one for Norfolk, one for the freezer] The recipe is here
Last Sunday we had a lovely BBQ at Marion & Adrian's place. For dessert, I took a Chocolate Courgette Cake [our neighbours have a little hutch outside their house, where they put surplus produce for people to help themselves]
Recipe here - I made the ganache from the BBC recipe instead of using the vegan 'buttercream' suggested. 
I think next time I will peel the courgettes- I think the skin gave a slight peppery taste. [that's the BBC photo - not my cake]

Yesterday Jon and Liz had a barbecue so I used some of our Cornerstones rhubarb to make another Rhubarb Windows Cake. Here it is cooling under my mesh food umbrella [we have been besieged by flies recently] I have added a tweak to the original recipe which Jenny gave me [here] I chop three small pieces of crystallised ginger finely [here] and stir it into the batter. It adds a little bit of fiery sweetness to contrast with the acidity of the fruit. 
All these were fairly quick to prepare - and made at least a dozen portions each. 
**I was very disappointed by my 'cream tea' at a cafe in central Dereham last week - one slightly stale scone [plus pot of jam & tub of cream] accompanied by a cup of hot water with a tea bag in it. And I didn't even have my own saucer - my cup, and Bob's cup of coffee arrived together on an oval plate with a small jug of milk.
Full marks go to Bawdeswell Garden Centre, who do understand the importance of fresh scones, and a proper teapot, cup and saucer!


  1. I am looking forward to indulging in all the baked goods when we fly back into the UK next month!!

  2. All these different recommendations make your head spin don't they? My cardiologist follows a Paleo diet and likes his patients todo the same but the most I can manage is low carb. I have to say that it has helped me to lose weight - but hat is because I used to eat too much of everything and I had a sweet tooth! I now lean more to the moderation path but I am still careful about carbs and load up on more veggies (and yes those starchy ones like carrots & corn are on my plate) - I'll just keep servings of bread, potatoes and grains to small ones and pasta & rice dishes as once a month treats - at least until I can get more weight off!
    Your baking looks amazing. One of the things I did this week was to sort through my baking cupboard - it doesn't get any use in the summer as it is just too hot but come September I do get the urge to try new recipes. And then I get to entertain so others help to eat all those goodies - I actually enjoy the process of making these things now as much as I do getting to eat them - I must be making progress! :-)

  3. Does the Belgian cake recipe come originally from Belgium?
    Or is it like the German chocolate cake, popular in America, which comes from Texas?! (Invented allegedly by a Mr German!)
    In any case, thanks for the recipe link, I shall definitely try it and I have a rhubarb window cake planned for this evening - thanks again for reminding me of that one.

    1. Well I made the rhubarb windows cake but with apricots! I added 1tsp ground ginger to the batter and arranged quartered apricots on top. It was delicious!

  4. my daughter is doing Keto as are most of her friends. I went on it to kick the sugar addiction I have and it worked. Overall I think the best approach is moderation, eating when you are hungry, cutting out what you know is bad for you (I can't eat just one cookie -- if I start I won't stop so best not start) and be mindful of what you eat and how much your eat. Your cakes look lovely.

  5. I love your rhubarb windows cake. I'm off to add the extra refinement to my copy of the recipe.

  6. You are making me hungry for cake! I generally don't bake during the summer, but I look forward to baking something once the cooler weather returns. :)


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