Thursday 23 August 2018

Don't Lose The Thread!

Isn't this the most fascinating box? It was passed on by a friend with some other haberdashery which had belonged to his late wife.
Inside, some reels of Sphinx Irish Linen thread, and some intriguingly named "Manlove's Unity Soft Thread" 
On the bottom of the box, I discover that worker #40 was responsible for the original contents, and it is "aircraft material" [what does that mean?]
The thread is a creamy colour - or, as the label on the side quaintly describes it "whitey brown"  
What am I planning to do with this today?
I hope to share pictures with you tomorrow... 



  2. Thank you Kate for this interesting link

  3. That's beautiful- only you will use it as it best deserves!

  4. And I've just read Kate's link- we were there recently researching bleach greens- super place with an amazing researcher called Kieran, Niqi says!

  5. Lots of interesting information on the box, itself! Looking forward to seeing what you plan to do with it!

  6. HI.... I would be interesting in purchasing the packaging from you if that was an option. I am from very close to Lisburn in Northern Ireland where this was made. Thanks, Neil

  7. Neil, please email me [details in my profile]


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