Tuesday 28 May 2019

Not 'Disgusted Of Tunbridge Wells'

...but 'Despondent of Dorset' 
How is it that I woke up on Monday morning to find myself living in a place where my elected representatives in Westminster and Brussels are Christopher Chope and Anne Widdecombe? Two of my least favourite politicians. Nothing I can do, except keep plodding on, grateful there is more to life than Brexit. 
On Sunday we sang this hymn- one of my favourites, mainly for the words, but also the tune [Beethoven's 9th - used also for the EU anthem]

Be the God of all my Sundays, 
be the focus of my praise;
It is you I choose to honour 
on this special day of days.
God who made me, God who saved me, 
with your people I belong
As we come to hear you speaking 
and to join our hearts in song.

Be the God of all my Mondays: 
let my lifestyle make you known;
Give me courage in confession 
when for you I stand alone.
Be my God through work and leisure,
rest and travel, day and night;
Let me keep a clear awareness 
of a life lived in your sight.

Be the God I serve and worship 
day by day, throughout the week,
God whose flawless care sustains me,
God whose guiding word I seek.
Be my God through ev’ry moment, 
ev’ry circumstance I face,
God of life in its completeness, 
God of holy, daily grace

Singing this helps me refocus on What Really Matters. 
Plus the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord....plans to give you a hope and a future" 
[Which will be the theme of the (Women's) World Day of Prayer in 2022 - currently being planned by the national committee in London] 


  1. I wake up every morning with the knowledge that most of my elected officials don’t renpresent me. It is frustrating. Love the hymn.

  2. I've never seen the words of this hymn before-they are beautiful!

  3. This whole Brexit thing is a disaster.

  4. Could be worse, Angela, you could be living in Scotland!!

  5. I like that hymn. Thank you for sharing the words with us, Angela.

  6. We ended up with Claire Fox as our lead MEP in the North West. I wonder how many people looked into the things she has said before they cast their vote for the Brexit Party? She's someone who said the IRA were justified in bombing Warrington, an act that killed 2 children ( though she now says she no longer holds that view- something that, in my opinion, doesn't make matters any better) and that people should not be banned from viewing child pornography online.

  7. This too will pass. As someone who spent several years in the uk and still has a sister there, I have enormous confidence that whatever form of BREXIT occurs, you will make a success of it. So there! Cheers


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