Saturday, 25 May 2019

Still Running Stitch

Last autumn I renovated a quilt for my friend Dave. It was enormous fun to be involved in this restoration project.
Dave had been clearing his parent's home, after his Mum's death and helping his father downsize, prior to moving to a much smaller property here in Dorset.
His Dad is now happily settled and has made many new friends here. Derek is a retired CofE vicar and has a very positive attitude to life.
Last year he was quite ill, but has received excellent treatment from our local hospitals.
He is a runner - and every morning soon after 6am, he goes out for a run. Through this activity, he raises funds for Cancer Research. 
Being CofE, Derek worships at the parish church - but he comes along each Thursday to our OAP Lunch Club. He is on the extreme left of this photo. Last week he asked me if I could make him something on my "izzy-whizzy embroidery machine."
He wants people to know why he is running through Ferndown each morning - and hoped I could make him a patch to sew on his running vest.
He gave me a piece of paper with his chosen design sketched out on it. The machine was duly programmed and I made patches for back and front.
I gave up running some time ago, because of my dodgy knee - but I hope I am still as bright and active as Derek when I am 84!


  1. That quilt is gorgeous! I also think it's wonderful that Derek is still running and you were able to stitch the patches for him. He doesn't know me, of course, but, please tell him that, as a cancer survivor, I appreciate all what he and others like him do to raise funds for research.

  2. Bless, I shall certainly pass on your kind words

  3. What a wonderful man AND a wonderful idea! God bless him!


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