Friday, 17 May 2019

We're Sloping Off To Salop

I don't think I have ever been to Shropshire, but that is where we are going today. I know very little about this county.
Telford is the largest town in the county with a population of 138,241 (which is approximately 30% of the total Salopian populace); whereas the county town of Shrewsbury has a lower, but still sizeable population of 71,715 (15%). The other sizeable towns are Oswestry, Bridgnorth, Newport and Ludlow. 
The old name for Shropshire is SALOP which is the weirdest word! Historically used as an abbreviated form for post or telegrams, this name is thought to derive from the Anglo-French "Salopesberia". It is normally replaced by the more contemporary Shrops although Shropshire residents are still referred to as Salopians.
Floreat Salopia  means "May Shropshire flourish".
We are going to be staying in Telford for a couple of days, for the Annual Baptist Assembly Meetings. It's the first time we have travelled to Assembly since we moved to Dorset.
Shall we gallop to Salop?
Shall I visit shops in Shrops?
Do they dress in slops in Salop?
And in gynaecology department, do the doctors worry about Salopian Fallopians?

I'm particularly excited because as well as meeting up with my old Baptist friends, we will be staying with my newer URC blogfriend Pauline. [And Pauline is moving to Dorset in August, which will be lovely] A proper report on Shropshire to follow [a sort of Show-And-Telford]


  1. I was curate at Shrewsbury Abbey many years ago and I really liked Shropshire. It's a county of great variety.

  2. Telford is probably not the best place to make an impression of Shropshire but other than there the rest is beautiful!
    Have a good time, hope you get to see the Long Mynd

  3. You are the queen of wordplay!! I'd really like to visit Shropshire but I never have. Hope you have a marvellous time! How great to stay with a blogfriend!
    P.S. I've got to tell you that I've had lots of lovely comments about the skirt and collar top you customized for me on Instagram. One Clara cosplayer who owns virtually all the screen accurate items actually said that the top was indistinguishable from the original!

    1. Really pleased to know the cosplay stuff has worked!PS well done for spotting Hallelujah yesterday

  4. I only know what I've read about Shropshire in Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael books. Would love to go there someday!

  5. Looking forward to hearing about your visit and learning a little more about this part of your country!


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