Saturday, 5 December 2020

All I Want For Christmas...

Do you have a Christmas Wish List? Or do your family surprise you each year? Because we don't want to overload other family members with unwanted items, we do ask for a few suggestions, and in return mention things we might like. I did say months ago that I would like H Mantel's "The Mirror and The Light" - specifically in paperback, to match the first two I have from her trilogy. But it's not out yet. But Bob has got something else in hand.

Our stockingfillers tend to be consumable items - foodstuffs or toiletries. My daughters are thoughtful and generous gift givers, always finding just the right item to bring happiness to the recipient. Rend Collective, my favourite Irish Christian Band sent me an email the other week about their new album.I shared one of the tracks [here] on the blog. But they also sent this cute children's track too [surprisingly inconsistent spellings of hippopotamus in the subtitles!]

I don't want a hippo - but Bob heard me playing the other track, and generously ordered me the album and has given it to me as an early present so I can enjoy it through Advent. What a treat. I still think the old rhyme about celebration gifts sums things up neatly

Something to wear, something to read

Something you want, something you need

Continuing the Elf Theme from yesterday, I've just found the little video which Adam, a work colleague produced seven years ago. This should make you laugh...


  1. Hope you can still move like that!!

  2. You have some great dance moves! I'm glad you received an early Christmas present to enjoy all season long. :)

  3. I was quite surprised the Mantel isn't in paperback yet. I gave my hardback to the hospital library along with some others. It's far too big to keep here. I actually stubbed my toe on it once


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