Sunday 20 December 2020

The Nation Is In Tiers

In the last twenty four hours, things have changed again here in the UK - the 4 day Christmas 'break' is reduced to just one day. We have the even more restricted "Tier 4". Families have seen all their carefully made plans, which they thought would be ok, go out of the window. 

But we are still able to praise God, even if the way we do it is not the same as last December. Join us here for this morning's UCF Worship - we will be singing carols old and new, and you can still sing out loudly -  in the privacy of your own home, without a mask, and suitably distanced from others. 

Lord this is time is proving so hard 

When we feel isolated  from everyone else

May we know your presence with us

Help us to trust you  

And show us how we can be a blessing to others



  1. Thank you for the link, Angela. I enjoyed watching it.

  2. We've heard today that our lovely grandson cant come down from Cumbria, due to the one night stay. Sad all round, but as my son said...'We'll have Christmas next Easter!'

  3. So true! God is above tiers!


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