Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Paintings For A Pandemic

Just a couple of 'arty' things to share with you. Many people like to send Christmas cards featuring great works of art, and obviously a high proportion of those are scenes featuring Mary and the baby Jesus. One facebook doing the rounds at the moment features a collection of such artworks with added captions. Knowing a number of Mums who are WFH [working from home] at the moment, whilst juggling childcare, I thought this painting plus comment was the best in the set. [and all the evidence shows that it is the women who are shouldering the heavy end of the load in all this]

Virgin of Quarantine was simply not cut out for this level of intense parenting, homeschooling, entertaining children, disinfecting groceries, cooking, cleaning, constant snacks, and utter lack of social interaction. She wishes she could be left alone for a while and lose herself in a few episodes of The Crown, but the children have taken complete control of the programming. 

She’ll have to settle for a podcast on her headphones and a little Bailey’s in her coffee while yet another episode of Paw Patrol plays in the next room. She spends her days refreshing her memory of Year 3 maths and searching Pinterest for a kid-friendly activity that doesn’t involve glue or glitter. She feels like she used to have a job outside this house, but she can’t seem to remember what it was like. 

Happy Hour has been moved to 3:00 these days. She’s thinking of starting a garden, but really, who has the time? And anyway, she has to check the scrolls for errors before the children hit 'submit'

 A friend in Norfolk recently sent me this YouTube clip - I thought it was very clever - some people  are brilliant at finding just the right artwork for a contemporary message.

I like the final line "Don't count the days, make the days count" - a very positive attitude to take towards the restrictions under which we are all struggling right now...


  1. I used to have a book called 'great housewives in art' or something similar, I wonder if this came from the same people!

    1. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Great-Housewives-Art-Sally-Swain/dp/0586205306

  2. Thanks for sharing that - someone certainly put in a lot of work to find all those paintings that fit so well together

  3. The look on her face speaks volumes, doesn't it? :D


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