Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Festive Food

Doesn't this look gloriously festive? Lynn posted about it at the weekend, with a link to her recipe [here]. She found her tree shaped pan for 68cents in a Charity Shop a few years back.

We were having soup for lunch, and I hadn't made a fresh loaf - so I thought this cornbread would be a quick accompaniment.I made 'a Christmas wreath' in my ring mould. I spent ages cutting circles out of red, yellow and green peppers to represent baubles.

And all the bits went into the batter, so I could have just cut random shapes after all! I made half quantities and the size and shape was fine. We both found the recipe a bit sweet, I'll reduce the sugar next time. Bob had grated cheese to sprinkle on his soup, so I put the ramekin in the middle of the ring. Next time I will make it earlier in the morning, it was very crumbly when fresh- but by suppertime, the leftovers had firmed up nicely - Thanks Lynn for a fun festive idea!



  1. You are putting me in the mood for cornbread! :)

  2. That does look delicious!
    Just wanted to thank you for the Youtube link to the "Christmas Story" that you posted on Sunday. I forwarded it to our Church School leader and she loved it.


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