Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Pick A Card, Any Card

We've received more Christmas cards this year than last I think. Perhaps people are eager to reach out and make connections. I have appreciated almost every one, because it represents love and care [though I'm still not sure about the one which came to Bob from a local funeral director, thanking him for his custom during 2020 - especially since he's not done any services with them] Only a few make it to the mantelpiece, for my 'main display' - and they tend to be the ones from closest family and friends and special handmade ones. I've chosen just a few to share here

These two, from George and his cousins. "Mistletoes" and "Jingle Bells- Covid Smells" These are very witty foot-prints. I am not sure which of his two Cheshire cousins put her feet in the yellow paint - but George's feet are definitely getting bigger!
Only the left, a card which looks home-made, but isn't. I love this one because Rosie has handwritten her name so neatly inside. Well done to Connor, her teacher, for the work he has done this term. Like her Mother before her, Rosie went to school both able to write, and to read simple words, but in the last few months I have definitely noticed a great improvement in her reading, skills, and also her letters are mostly even, and consistent in size now.

The one on the right is from our young neighbour. "Oh, I've got a die-cut in that same pattern" I said as I opened the envelope. Then I remembered that I'd passed a bag of cardmaking bits to her Mum, when she said "We need to have an afternoon making Christmas cards this week". These were leftover discs which I had made from my 2019 cards. I love the way she's combined them here.

Finally this stunning piece of parchment craft from Alison. You really need to see this 'in the flesh' to fully enjoy the detail. The intricate cutting of those tiny stars and the lacy edging, and the  holly leaves [some carefully shaded green, others applied on top to give a 3D effect] This is meticulous, painstaking work - I'm not surprised Alison is a nationally recognised expert. 

Like Bless, and many others, now Christmas Day is over I have already started sorting this years cards.

Some have lovely pictures for my 2021 cards, others will make gift tags, and the 'non Christmassy' scenes will make general greetings cards and gift tags. The really big cards can be cut and folded to make gift boxes. And all the trimmings go into the recycling. The stamps have been trimmed and will go to BMS World Mission, to raise money for their global projects. For almost a hundred years this creative recycling has raised thousands of pounds to bless and help other.

Top Tip - so I do not lose any important information, I keep my phone beside me, and take a photo of any vital info before a card is cut up - like "We've moved, our new address is..." I can transfer that to my 'proper' card list on the computer later.

What do you do with your old Christmas cards?


  1. What special cards! I made two more cards using old cards, today! The remaining cards will be turned into additional "new" cards and gift tags. :)

  2. Back in the day when I 'did' the 5-7 year olds in junior church, I used to take the picture part of the cards in. We would sort then; churchy, animals, nothing-to-do-with-christmas, cut them into jigsaw puzzles and take turns with each others' puzzles, all the time chatting about the Christmas story, what the manger was like as a crib, the stable - everything. Made for a relaxed start with plenty of discussion and sharing.

    1. I so miss doing activities with the children in church. The sorting and chatting times were so good

  3. Christmas and birthday cards make excellent bookmarks by cutting the front into long strips. Gone are the days when we had to turn over the corner of a page to mark our place (quelle horreur!!) or use an old supermarket receipt! We now have beautiful home made bookmarks aplenty all over the house !!
    (I would however advise against using the ones with glitter on. Constant glitterarma is a dusting nightmare!)

    1. Glitter is awful. I once had a boss who put a sprinkling of glitter LOOSE inside her envelopes "to add a sparkle to Christmas" She did not endear herself to those who spent the day brushing it from their clothes/books/etc

  4. So many pretty cards! I love the parchment craft one! So gorgeous! My friend Margaret made me a brilliant one out of recycled Christmas cards- I must show you it as it was brilliant!


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