Monday, 18 January 2021

I'm A Spice Girl!

Recently, I have been ginger spice. Last year, in the Christmas holidays, Rosie and I had great fun making some gingerbread people. We used some premade dough Liz had bought in London [from ScandiKitchen I think]

So in mid-December, when I saw Sainsburys had packs of gingerbread dough, I bought one, fully intending to make them again. But we never got up to Cornerstones. I forgot the pack of dough, at the back of the fridge- then I noticed it was approaching its end date. 

I fished out my cutters, and when the oven was still hot, from baking breakfast croissants, I made a batch of 'mug-biscuits', and some plain circles, The random shape is for  making ginger-biscuit-crumbs to use in desserts.

All ready for our after church zoom coffee meeting!

How she has grown since this time last year - she was really excited by the snow on Saturday. She likes the Letterland book I used to read with her Mum.


  1. Yum, gingerbread cookies! Rosie has certainly grown a lot in one year!

  2. I think that her hair has grown so much, it makes her look a proper little girl.


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