Sunday 14 March 2021

For Mothers - And Children - Everywhere

Our Youth Minister, Miriam, has planned today's service, and the link it HERE

I am grateful to God for my mother, and my mother-in-law, both wonderful women who taught me so much. And for my daughters, now mothers themselves. We have been so blessed 

Many today are grieving. I pray for those who have lost their mothers, or children - and those who long to be mothers but are not. I pray for those who long to be with their families but covid19 separates them

My heart goes out especially this morning, to Sue, the mother of Sarah Everard, and to Gabriella, daughter of Nazanin Zagari Ratcliffe. 

Lord, comfort the Everard family in their grief - and strengthen the Ratcliffe family as they hope and pray for a true reunion.


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