Monday, 8 March 2021

One Percent Is Not Enough

Nine months ago I had a Rant. HERE
Now I'm even more upset. How can a government which awards huge contracts to cronies, without open accountability, now justify a measly one percent pay rise for key workers? My friend Claire designed this last year. Read what she said then. I'm putting  #NHSfundit merchandise on my birthday wish list. [find all her products HERE

[design copyright Claire Cooper. Not to be reproduced for profit] 


  1. It really is a disgrace. They should be ashamed.

    1. I don't think this government does "shame"

  2. I bet when it comes time for MP's to get a pay rise, they vote themselves more than a measly 1%.

  3. They have no shame, no scruples, are a spineless bunch of elitist tossers.
    Also annoying is the credit being attributed to our feckless and corrupt leaders, especially the incumbent of no.!0, for the vaccine and its successful rollout, most of which is due to the tireless dedication of scientists and NHS staff and volunteers. It's the only thing they have got right - to let existing organisations do it instead of handing out a lucrative contract to their mates and cronies.

  4. I hope your NHS receives all the funding it deserves.

  5. They seem to be getting away with so much at the moment and the despair is that there doesn't really see, to be a way to do anything about it. No decent opposition - it seems a long time to the next election


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