Friday, 5 March 2021

Zooming Around Like A Headless Chicken

I seem to be up to my eyes in Zoom meetings lately -  a year ago I'd never been to one! Last week, Rosie had two 'birthday family Zoom' events. Then on Sunday it was the usual afterchurch coffee. Wednesday the Church Prayer Group, Thursday a friend's book launch party. [report to follow later] Today is World Day of Prayer Day

Tonight a WDP follow up Zoom coffee & cake session with members of Thrive [the Baptist Support network, where all the readers in our service came from]

Don't forget you can find this year's Vanuatu Service at anytime on YouTube HERE

And if that isn't enough online activity, it's also been Fairtrade Fortnight - focusing on climate change, with loads of online stuff

and also Food Waste Action Week which has a similar theme.

...and in between all that zooming and watching and saving the planet, I'm still packing boxes!


  1. You are a very busy lady, Angela!

  2. I relate to the Zoom meetings this week! Staff meeting - English as a Second language Zoom volunteer class - Zoom discussion Group on Wednesday's Lenten Meditation presentation - and today - 3pm Zoom Coffee Hour after watching the Toronto World Day of Prayer service. Oh and I forgot - Zoom recording yesterday as I'm doing this Sunday's scripture reading!

  3. I can't wait until no Zoom staff meetings!


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