Saturday, 16 April 2022

Caveat Emptor...

...Buyer Beware! 
My dad taught me this Latin tag when I was quite young and I have always considered myself to be a Savvy Shopper. But I have to admit that on our trip to London this past week, I have shown myself to be something of an April Fool. I made two purchases in a hurry, and with hindsight, I could have done so much better.

My first mistake was the day we arrived. We parked the car, had ate our sandwiches at Liz's flat, then hopped on a bus to the Science Museum. We had a lovely afternoon- and were please dthat travel was free because we had our OAP bus passes. Coming back I suggested we go into the Co-op by the bus stop to buy some milk. As we waited to pay I saw a sign saying "Deliciously Special Hot Cross Buns reduced to clear". I dropped them in the basket ."We can have these toasted sometime" I said. I never really looked at the llabel [mostly obscured by multiple Price Reduction Stickers
When we did get round to eating them, Bob said "These are a bit peppery, what flavour are they?" 

That was when we inspected the wrapping carefully.
Who in their right mind, ever thought that it was a good idea to make that British Classic Hot Cross Bun and flavour it with Masala and Chilli? I'm not surprised that they didn't sell. They were weird!
Mistake #2 came on the day we left - we had a wander down the Walworth Road, to look in the CS, meander round Oli's Supermarket, and browse the East Street Market.
There was a fabric stall, and I stopped to have a look. Now I have a project in the back of my mind requiring a square metre of blue cotton fabric. The guy had rolls of cotton fabric in various plain colours. "How much is the cotton? Could I have a look at the blue roll, please?" He pulled it out, it was clearly 120cm wide. "It's £2, but you are the first customer of the day, so I'll only charge you £1.50" he said. "Can I just have one metre of that please?" I started to root around in my bag to find some cash. "Just the one? I can do you a deal on three for a fiver" he said.
Now I'm not sure - was he trying to con me? or just poor at maths? "No just one metre today please" I said. He found his scissors, cut the selvedge and ripped off my fabric [all the time I was still hunting in the deep dark depths of my backpack. He folded the fabric and gave it to me. I handed over the cash. And left. 
Only when I got back to Norfolk did I inspect it thoroughly. He obviously doesn't know about the metric system. It measures a scant 36" and isn't straight on one edge. I can use it for the intended project, but will need to rethink my dimensions.
Memo to self; do not ever buy fabric from this guy again. Come to think of it, he did look a bit like Del Boy...


  1. Sorry to read that you didn't like the spicy hot cross buns; I guess they meant it when they said "hot" cross buns! :D
    Too bad about the fabric, though. I hope you will be able to manage with the fabric you ended up getting.

  2. Oh dear! It happens to all of us at some time! I believe M/S are doing cheese hot cross buns??

  3. Many years ago on matchday at a football ground there was a programme vendor selling "2 programmes for 1.50 - 3 for £3" and getting customers!

  4. Those spicy hot cross buns gave me a laugh to start the day with! All we have to put up with is "glucose-fructose" in ours. I try to avoid foods that contain it but can't always. (I have a pet theory that this cheap corn-based sweetener is the reason for increases in weight, and diabetes risk.)

    1. I think there is a lot of sense in your theory.

  5. It happens to the best of us. You have to be so wary. I am careful in markets. I go to stalls where there are already queues. The cotton is a gorgeous colour, so not quite a waste - but the hot cross buns!!! I am frankly appalled.


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