Friday, 1 April 2022


For some months I have been visiting a podiatrist. He's properly State Registered, nd his name is Mike.

Last year I was staying with Liz & co, and I trod on a piece of Lego and yelled in pain. Except there was no Lego underfoot - the pain was just in the foot itself. I got back to Norfolk and was recommended to try this guy. He showed me that I had a Very Deep Verruca, and we concluded that it had been growing for 2 years, since I took Rosie to Dereham Swimming Pool,  in October 2019 [prepandemic] Mike has been treating this and it is almost dealt with now. Just one visit left. It has been a slow process. I'm happy to report the pain has gone and my foot is much more comfortable. But it has taken six long months.
If only somebody had given me this product sooner. You pour some into a bowl of water and if you soak your feet in it for an hour, it allegedly removes verrucas overnight. The Scandinavians swear by this remedy. Like the famous hand cream, it is a Norwegian formula.

It was apparently invented in 1964 by the Norwegian Author Roald Dahl. It is called Verruca Salt.

UPDATE 6pm. Thanks for all the comments. Yes I really AM having a treatment for a verruca from Mike. But I'm afraid that jar just contains regular bath salts. And yes, VS is a character from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.  Well done all those of you who spotted the April Fool's Day prank. [FC, you know me too well. ]   There have been plenty of far better jokes doing the rounds today [like these]


  1. Hmm. I laid in bed this morning and thought to myself, "I wonder if Ang will do it again?"

  2. Ha, ha, imagine all the time you would have saved if you had soaked your feet in that salt! By the way, verruca is generally known as plantar warts, here; somehow, I can't imagine a little girl named Plantar Warts in a story, can you?

  3. Ha Ha Brilliant Angie!

  4. Ha Ha brilliant!

  5. I fell for it!!! Very good!

  6. Ha Ha very funny Angela!!

  7. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Seriously though, pleased to hear your foot's almost back to normal again! X

  8. Verruca Salt like the character in Willie Wonka?? Ha!
    Happy April Fool's day!


  9. Got me! I was all set to look out for Verucca Salt locally! Glad to hear that your podiatrist has helped you.


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