Tuesday 12 April 2022

Smokehouse To Bakehouse


On Saturday afternoon, the family took a lovely walk along the Norfolk Coastal Path. We parked in Cley, near the Smokehouse, then walked 2¾miles along the Norfolk Coastal Path to Blakeney Quay. We saw some men who had been harvesting reeds, and lots of birds. We looked back at Cley Mill, and out to sea, we saw the offshore windfarm - the strong winds blowing across the reed beds under the wide Norfolk skies have been a source of natural power for generations.

Rosie was resolutely cheerful and managed the walk with enthusiasm [mostly!] But by the time we got to the Quay, we were all in need of a sit down and some refreshment. So it was good to discover the newly opened "Birdy's Bakehouse". This is  a newly opened business run by a local family, offering lunches and light refreshments. They will be open everyday from now till October.

The salted caramel brownie was awarded 10 out of 10 by Rosie. The menu looks excellent, and the staff are so friendly. There are plenty of comfortable seats and tables, or you can walk across to the nearby duck sanctuary and watch the waterfowl dabbling as you enjoy your food! I would definitely recommend this place, and we hope to go again sometime!

Well fortified by the break and excellent cake we set off back again. A great family afternoon!


  1. That part of the Norfolk coast around Cley and Salthouse is a lovely area.

  2. Sounded a perfect afternoon and a very nice food stop, salted caramel brownie would get my vote too.

  3. That sounds like a very long walk to me! I don't think I would be able to do that, even for a salted caramel brownie! :D


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