Wednesday 6 April 2022

Domestic Disasters

Monday morning, awake bright and early, ready for Holiday Club. "What would you like for breakfast?" said Bob. "I've got  can of grapefruit in the fridge, I'll have half today, and half tomorrow" I said.

And I foolishly skipped out of bed, went to the fridge and got the can. I dropped it. On my foot. I was not wearing slippers! Two toes were bleeding, and there was grapefruit and juice all over the floor of the Futility Room. I burst into tears [unlike me] 

Bob [the perfect husband] came and mopped up the fruit whilst I hobbled off to the bathroom to wash my foot and put plasters on my toes. I had Weetabix for breakfast instead. My foot throbbed all Monday morning, but is much better now, thank you.

On Tuesday afternoon, I had to make a large batch of playdough. We are doing Easter Gardens this morning as our Club Craft - and that means every child needs a rectangular tin foil pie dish, with brown playdough in the bottom.  Into this they can stick silk flowers, a square of green velvet 'grass' and a circular foil 'pond'. At one end, they can push in a card tab, with an Easter picture & message on the front [and space on the back for their name]

I use this recipe for playdough, as it is reliable and pliable! While Bob was at a Microsoft Teams meeting, I was in the kitchen making a small amount [so I could calculate how much was needed for 30 dishes] Then I made a larger batch.  It was all fine, until I realised I needed to colour it brown. I hate cake colouring! I had some green and red so I dripped a little into the mix. It seemed ok. But my hands were like Lady Macbeth's. Very red fingers. My batch was half the amount needed. Then I realised that altho I had flour and oil, I did not have enough salt, or cream of tartar to make the remaining dough.

At 3pm Bob's meeting finished and we went into town to return library books, and pick up a few grocery essentials - plus cream of T and salt. Can somebody explain why a 1.5kg polybag of Morrison's cooking salt is £1 - but a 750g plastic pot of table salt is only 29p? I always thought that table salt was finer and therefore more expensive than the cooking stuff. Not almost half the price.

I was running out of time - but I managed to prepare a fish pie and Batch #2 of playdough before 6.30pm. I am not altogether sure it was wise to have two very different pans simmering on the hob together! There will have to be some serious cleaning soon. Also the fridge will need to be moved, as we have realised that there is sticky grapefruit juice underneath.

On Sunday we are off to London for three days, and friends will be staying at Cornerstones. Things must be left spick and span. 

I am glad it is only a three day club, and I am so grateful to Jane who is in charge of everything. 


  1. Oh, I feel for you! Sore toes look like nothing on everyone else but when it's your own they are agony! And no, there's neither rhyme nor reason in the pricing of salt.

  2. The sort of day you don't need too often!

  3. So sorry to hear about your mishap with the can of grapefruit! I dropped an open can of tuna, today, but, luckily not on my foot! No husbands, perfect or imperfect, but, a very happy cat! :D

  4. Oh dear, a bad day all round. Things will get better, including the toes, I hope

  5. What a start to the week! Things can only improve?

  6. Sorry to hear about your hurt toes and the disappointment over the grapefruit, not to mention the mess! It's fortunate that you didn't break a toe. What a busy time, I hope it goes smoothly from now on so you can enjoy your visit to London and the friends enjoy your kind loan of Cornerstones.

    1. My toes continue to heal nicely, which bodes well for a week of walking round London!

  7. Sending all hugs for what was obviously a high gravity day! As for the salt, I always remind myself to check price per gram because they pull a fast one all the time!


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