Sunday, 18 July 2010

But It Isn’t Trinity Sunday!

mary berry real food fast

No, it isn’t –but I decided to serve up Mary Berry’s Three-In-One cakes for tea. In her book which I borrowed from the library last week, I found this gem of a recipe. One basic mix which make sup into three completely different cakes.

She says it will do a tea for twelve. Well, there are three of us for the weekend – so on Thursday afternoon I tried it – and we are still working our way through the cake tin. You get one wicked chocolate cake, one lemon drizzle loaf, and a dozen almond fruity buns.

DSCF0005 Here is the glass cakestand displaying Sunday’s tea [“Lovely with a pot of Earl Grey” as Alan Bennett might say to Thora Hird!]

We are off to church shortly, so I shall type up the recipes for you later in the week.


  1. Oh I would love this, pretty please. I made strawberry muffins and choc fairy cakes (they didnt even get iced before the boys noshed them!)

  2. Frantically catching up now after a computer bug disabled everythiong for several days.
    Yes please to the recipe, it sounds so good.


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