Monday, 19 July 2010

The Pastor Took The Deacon To A Nightclub!

It was Monday, and the three of us went off to Sheffield. We had the obligatory Monday trip into Maplin…


…and then a few other places in order to get some more Holiday Club bits. I hadn’t really been to Sheffield before [apart from going to the Hairy Bikers Show in February when it was night-time and snowing!]

It is a great city, lots to see – and many people enjoying the hot summer sunshine


It was cool walking through the ‘Winter Gardens’ with all the exotic palms


The Cascades were lovely




We had a delicious lunch in the nearby Cafe Rouge

cafe rouge


Then the Pastor took Chris [the Deacon and Church Secretary] and myself [the Sunday School Teacher and Lay Preacher] to a Nightclub!!


“I’ve never been in a nightclub before” said Chris [did she think that I had??]


Now, in case you are wondering about this, I probably ought to explain!

I know many of you are concerned for my spiritual welfare and would worry if you thought I was straying from the Straight And Narrow.

First, I would point out it was 2pm in the afternoon – not night-time!

Second, I was sticking very close


to the Pastor, and hoping he would look after me! Notice his furtive glance as he enters the club!!!

Finally, I should explain that this was all to do with a bit of PA gear – Bob had purchased it on eBay and the guy who was selling it works in Niche, and said it would be easiest if Bob could pop up to Sheffield to collect it. Hence the trip north into the wilds of Yorkshire.

We were in and out within five minutes, and called in on my aunt who lives on the south side of the city. I confess we only said we had been collecting PA stuff- not where it was located!

Home again, and an evening of relaxing with TV and knitting!!


  1. Hi Angela,
    That's just too funny!

    THANK YOU!!! I just received my gift today. Thank you so much.:-) I just love everything. This morning I was looking at a pattern for an apron because mine is too worn to wear, and yours arrived today. What timing! I really wasn't in the mood to sew.:-) I like the CD, and I'm assuming that is your church. The Bookmark is in my Bible, so pretty. This was very nice of you; thank you for sharing. I will have a picture up on my blog shortly. I'm in the middle of re-doing it, trying to figure where the Lord wants me going with it.
    Thanks again, Angela, and God bless you.
    Anne x

  2. In defence of nightclubs, they're not all bad, some are just a good opportunity for dancing!


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