Saturday, 10 July 2010

Knee-Jerk Reactions?

My apologies – I haven’t forgotten the Millennial Giveaway – but things went a little pear-shaped this week! All that fridge-cleaning and ant-killing [and scrubbing of their little bodies from the kitchen floor] played havoc with my Housemaid’s Knee.

banksy housemaid

pro sport knee support

I diligently wore my knee support to school [“Ooh Miss, what have you done? “ they said, on the days I wore a skirt!] and rested my leg with an ice pack wrapped round it in the evenings, but on Thursday night it was unbelievably painful. I spent a very restless night, despite being dosed up on painkillers, and realised I couldn’t drive to school Friday or stand for a whole day in the classroom.

So I rang the Head and apologised for being absent. Something I hate doing. She was incredibly kind [as usual]

Then I went back to sleep. Bob brought me breakfast in bed and told me VERY firmly to REST. So I did.

Last week, newly-priested Alan told me that he too has knee problems. His Doctor said “We don’t call it Housemaid’s Knee anymore, as nobody has housemaids – now we call it Clergy Knee!” Just lately I think I have done more preaching than housework, so that explains things.

priest kneel

Anyway, back to the giveaway



The winner is Anne [from this blog]- but thank you to everyone who made such gracious comments.

I’ve just remembered something that happened when I was a student – I was on the University Christian Union Executive, and we went to a regional IVF Conference [pre UCCF] where we met other Execs. We were introduced to them, and somebody said to me “Angela, this is the Cambridge Prayer Secretary, kneel!” So I obediently genuflected [Well, we’d been told beforehand that the Cambridge Team were considered more spiritual than the Warwick Crowd] What he’d ACTUALLY said was “Angela, this is the Cambridge Prayer Secretary, NEIL!”


  1. Sorry to hear about the knee. My hospital visit was not great, so waiting to hear from consultant - poss more surgury

  2. I'm sure he felt duly honoured by your genuflection!
    I do hope your knee will be better soon. Take time to rest `, if you can.

  3. Congratulations, Anne!
    I have "tennis" elbow....haven't played tennis since my Grammar school days;perhaps I should rename that too!

  4. Thank you again, Angela!
    So sorry to hear about your knee. Hope you are up and about soon,


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