Wednesday, 7 July 2010

A Tutor With A Token


I was having a rant to Bob about the One-To-One tuition I have been doing since Easter 2009. It is so rewarding, and I get a real buzz seeing these pupils making progress. [I know I am their tutor, but I cannot call them ‘tutees’ – it is such an ugly word!] But it does require real commitment to produce a relevant lesson for each individual child every week.

My gripe is that the pay is unfair – a day in school doing this work pays 23% less than a day’s supply work- even though there is considerably more [unpaid] hours put in outside of school as well. “Don’t tell me, write to your Union” he said.

So I wrote to them, and they said they wanted to put the [edited] letter in the magazine – and this week it was published.

starletterThat is exciting enough – but the icing on the cake is that it’s the Star Letter! I have just been sent £100 worth of book tokens. I am gob-smacked. All that money, ear-marked for books. Wow!!

What I should buy?

My own copy of Wolf Hall, and Ferdinand Schlingensiepen’s new biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer are already top of the list.

I want to get books I will return to again and again… any ideas?


  1. Quite right too.
    Well done, maybe this will change things? Though I doubt it when I watch the news and see all the cuts for educational buildings.

  2. One of my favourite book is
    "Shake Hands with the Devil" by LGeneral Romeo Dallaire.
    It tells the story of 'the failure of humanity in Rwanda'.
    Perhaps Romeo Dallaire is not much known out of Canada (I really do not know what the rest of the world knows about him)but he is ,in my opinion a true hero. A peacemaker who struggled with authority's lack of assistance,knowledge, and caring, when it was needed most.

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  4. You could save some of your money for my book - assuming I:

    a) actually finish it
    b) manage to get it published.

    Also assuming it's any good!

  5. Are they robbing you? the standard rate, paid by the Dept of Ed, for one to one tutoring, is £30 an hour. The school has a sep. fund for it.

  6. £30??? I do not know ANYBODY being paid that much for this 'Making Good Progress' government scheme - and it isn't paid by the schools, it is funded by the local authority. So yes, we probably are being robbed!


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