Monday 12 July 2010

Quick Quiche

I finally got round to making up this packet mix from Lidl…


…unfortunately I hadn’t realised that to make the tart as per the picture on the box, you needed to add diced ham [‘optional’ it says on the back] and we’d eaten all the ham in sandwiches at Sunday’s picnic. I threw in some leftover sweetcorn instead, and sprinkled parsley on top


The base is more of a bread than a pastry and pleasantly moist. It was quite inexpensive. I wish I had bought two packets now!

[I am not posting any pictures of Bob eating a slice, as it may give rise to bad puns about “Vicars And Tarts”]


  1. I haven't seen that in our Lidl...albeit it is 'French style'!

  2. It turned out beautifully, didn't it? I like to throw corn in different dishes, too. It's so versatile.


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