Saturday 24 July 2010

To Love And To Cherish…

Yesterday a funeral - today a wedding…


…the church was full of balloons and flowers



And outside, more balloons on the trees. Here’s the bride and groom [Mel and Shane] together with Shane’s son. Mel went to school with our Liz, and her Gran and great-aunt are church members. The family has been in the village forever – and loads of people turned out to see the bride


They took the balloons from inside the church to the photo shoot at KM Castle, but I hope the green balloons on the trees are left there for the weekend – they go well with the green WasteWatchers banner!

A lovely service, everything went really well - may God bless them with many happy years of love and laughter.


  1. Simply elegant decorations and beautiful bride! Sweet young boy! Wishing them God's best!

  2. Such simple decorations and yet so lovely xxx froogsxx


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