Thursday 15 July 2010

Un-Seamly Split!

Isn’t it frustrating when a favourite skirt is suddenly unwearable? The fabric along the seam of this skirt suddenly gave way [I should say at this point that it is not a weight issue, and it is not my skirt either!]


I took some matching tape and a length of hemming web and ironed it on the back of the fabric [the skirt isn’t this colour – and the tape is much darker and does match really!]


I hope this repair holds for my friend – at least you can no longer see what colour petticoat is being worn*


*do other people still wear petticoats? If a skirt isn’t lined, I often put on a slip. I still wear my favourite frilled cotton petticoat sometimes which I bought in a sale in St Albans in 1978!


  1. I had to share this giggle with you.
    In 1981 I was in basic training in the Women's Royal Navy. We had to wear petticoats under out itchy serge skirts. Woe betide if a sliver of slip was showing! We developed a code phrase for when we were on parade and a petticoat was showing.We hastily whispered "Charlie's died" and the offending slip was discreetly pulled up. One time, someone spotted a slipped slip, and whispered "Charlie's died" and the girl burst into tears. We found out after the parade that her cat was called Charlie!

  2. I wear a slip just in case you can see through the skirt. I found that in hotter weather (I grew up in Florida) it kept you cooler too because the skirt didn't stick to you.

  3. I'm terrible at repairs so I think it looks great!


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