Friday, 7 December 2012

Alpha Mail

Long, tiring day at the church for Get In The Picture. We did it inside this year – out of the wind and rain. More photos later – but here is Scout [the dog in by the manger]


Hayley. our youth worker missed GITP [due for an op today] and Bob’s been unwell, and he missed all the fun too. I got home to a mountain of post – including this appeal from the Alpha Organisation.


Two questions

  1. Should Hayley and I sue Nicky Gumbel for defamation of character?? and
  2. Who is Darrell??


  1. Ha ha!!!!! I did laugh when I read that!!! (sorry to the Angela whose plight has prompted this laughter! Of course, I wouldn't laugh at this!)

  2. Oh my, Angela! What is Nicky thinking of?


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