Saturday, 22 December 2012

Objets Trouvés

I have found a number of things in the past few days

A cardboard box containing a lovely little cake was at the church



‘Kidz in Kirby’ is the youth group organised by Duane, our Police Community Support Officer [who has his office on our church premises] They have done all sorts of useful stuff round the village – painting community property, litterpicking, visiting Care Home Residents… and also decorating Christmas Cakes. Thanks Kidz!

I found some Carol Singers – and Signers outside Cherry Tree Gifts


[this year we had no snow, and the rain held off so that was great]


While getting Steph’s room ready for her return tomorrow night, I found a jar of broken necklaces which I had mislaid. I am trying to corral all my small jars of beads into one large jar, it will make crafting a lot easier!

Also in Steph’s room, I found some food…

DSCF5098A bag of granola cereal was packed in with the Get In the Picture costumes [I took this to the church for my breakfast two weeks ago – but was already feeling ill and flu-ey and never got round to eating it!]

What I have not found yet is that wretched half mince pie!


  1. Replies
    1. You are surely not suggesting that HE might have eaten it!!

  2. Sounds just like under Jo's bed....

  3. lose half a mince find a whole cake!
    Jane x

    1. So if I eat half the cake and then misplace the remainder...


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