Monday, 17 December 2012

Nothing Like A Dane


Danish Pastries are delicious [and fattening] so I like the mini ones as a treat. However this selection of five costs around £1.50 – so making [and freezing] a batch is a good idea.

Take a pack of JusRol puff pastry – currently on offer at 75p a pack – even Delia buys her PP at Christmas. This is a 350 x 230mm sheet

DSCF5039Preheat oven to 195º C Roll out your sheet, and cut 18 pieces

3 rows of 5 squares, each 7m x 7cm and cut the bottom strip in three

DSCF5041Then cut the design for 3 different sorts of pastries. I use a plastic ruler and work on the plastic roll that comes with the pastry.

First, score a square 1.5 cm in from the DSCF5040edge of the square on the top five pieces. Do not cut right through. Second row, cut the diagonals – but do not cross in the middle, leave a space 1.5 cm square. Finally repeat #1, but do not go to the corners, and this DSCF5043time cut right through.

Fold in the corners on the diagonal cut to make pinwheels, and push a cherry in the centre. Put half an apricot on the cut squares, and fold over DSCF5044opposite corners and press down. Glaze everything with beaten egg.  Sprinkle the three strips with cinnamon sugar and roll up loosely, pressing the end firmly to fix.

Bake for 7mins, then, using a teaspoon, pushed down the centre of the scored squares to make little ‘boxes’. Bake the pastries a further 7 minutes till golden brown.

While they are cooking, make a batch of thick glace icing and also some thick custard.  Once they are cooked and cooled, fill the boxes with the custard and decorated with chocolate sprinkles. Drizzle all the pastries with the icing.

Eighteen mini Danish pastries for less than £1. Delicious!


  1. Thanks for this!! I hadn't thought of making my own!!

  2. I wonder if you saw Nigel's Stilton puffs the other night, so easy . I'm going to try them out.

  3. Yummy! Made me feel hungry just reading about them.

  4. These look amazing. I have some puff pastry sheets in the freezer. I might just have to try these!

  5. I need to read this when it's not half past ten! I need to read this with my mathematician son at my side! Could you not just bring some over? Now

  6. We are celebrating Danish style on Christmas Eve with my brother-in-law who of Danish extraction, so these will help to add an extra Danish flourish to the proceedings. Thank you so much for the idea - have just checked and both Asda and Tesco have this reduced price.


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