Monday, 3 December 2012

Good News!


In a week of depressing stories, it’s great to hear some good news. I am really pleased for Kate and William – but sorry to hear she is suffering from really bad morning sickness [been there, done that, through two pregnancies, sick for nine months!]

Parenting, like marriage, should be full of joy, but needs hard work and commitment. God bless this couple as they enter this new stage of life together.


  1. Fantastic neews - and you were the first place I heard about it from!

  2. First I've heard and am delighted for them! Thank you for posting their good news.

  3. Great isnt it. I had sickness until week 22, i thought it would never end ! I predict a baby girl :-)

  4. Let's pray the press gives them some peace.
    Jane x

  5. I had the same problem with both my pregnancies. In the hospital for 5 weeks with the second one and came down to 89 lbs. But at least we can say we have something in common with the Duchess of Cambridge. Maybe now they will look into what specifically causes this instead of just saying it's psychological!!

  6. I remember feeling sick as I climbed onto the delivery table and it had lasted the whole nine months. Have noticed a few people saying "Why such a fuss- -it's only morning sickness." However, there are quite a few of us who really feel for her.


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