Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Delightful Deauville

We collected the new bike on Saturday and already I have done 250 miles on the pillion. My thoughts so far…

First of all – how do you pronounce the name of the bike? I thought it was the DOEville [as in the French resort near Honfleur]  but our vendors called it the DeVILLE [as in Cruella and the 101 Dalmatians] Can anyone advise me, please?


Then there is the helmet issue – after 150 minutes in a crash helmet, my new short hair is unbelievably flat and straight – who needs GHDs when they have a skid-lid?

ghd pinknitro helmet

I am fairly comfortable on the pillion- but really miss the backrest [Bob is sorting that one out for me] I am managing to climb up and bend my knee without too much difficulty. [thank you Mr Darcy!]

nonconformist biker chick

The ride is not quite as smooth as on the Pan – mainly because this is a 2-cylinder, that was a 4-cylinder machine. This means that there is noticeably more vibration, particularly at higher speeds. I am hoping this works to my advantage. Maybe it will have a ‘Slendertone’ effect, and deal with the excess flab on my thighs and other places!


We left Cornerstones very early on Tuesday morning, in sunshine. Then as we got to the edge of the county and crossed the Great Ouse by Kings Lynn, it became rather cold and very wet. Halfway home, we stopped for a welcome hot chocolate, but I was very glad to be back in Kirby and a warm dry house.

Most important of all, Bob is happy and comfortable riding the new bike. I wouldn’t dream of going on the back if I was not 100% certain that he was a safe and steady driver. I have much to be thankful for.


  1. Sounds like a great way to get to know your new family member! Jx

  2. M. says he's always known it as a Doeville, as in France...but of course things may have changed!

  3. This is a super development- despite the adjustments. God is in the detail. I would have said Doe for Deauville, where I once spent a very interesting weekend. The countryside around was sliced by silver rivulets of streams that were snakes across the countryside. I have very vivid memories of that! Obviously St Patrick didn't make it to Normandy.

  4. Bikes terrify me...I worry about you both.
    Jane x

  5. Glad to see you out on the bike again. I got on mine this week for the first time in seven was wonderful!
    Happy riding !!


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