Thursday, 10 October 2013

You Can’t Make An Omelette…

…without breaking eggs! Now I know that, and agree with it. On Sunday night when staying with Liz, I was reading her Waitrose magazine. It had an article about “101 ways to save time in the kitchen” I had come across most of these ideas before – but I found one which was completely new to me.

Make a Spanish Omelette using potato crisps rather than sliced potato.

This was intriguing – the idea being that you break the eggs, beat them up, and add a packet of crisps, let them soak for twenty minutes or so, then make omelette as usual adding other ingredients, such as veg, meat, cheese etc.

spanish omelette waitrose

So I thought I would try it. My additional veg were chopped peppers, tomatoes, and spring onions – and in the absence of chorizo I used elk snacks [see below] The omelette was duly pronounced ‘tasty’ by Bob – but we both agreed that although we could see the crisps in the omelette, we couldn’t actually taste them.  Further research suggests this is not as uncommon idea as it may appear. Check out here and here. But I am not sure I shall bother again. To quote the Guardian food writer Felicity Cloake “the crisps are so thin that they're all but invisible in this dull, slightly dry slab of solid egg – I like the potatoes to have a yielding softness, which this method could never hope to achieve.”

[i would point out that my omelette was not ‘dry’ and all the additional veg meant it wasn’t dull either – but we both missed the essential element of potato slices]

elk snnacks

IKEA elk snack sausages are made with smoked and dried spiced pork and elk meat. The website says “The moose is common in most regions of Sweden. Serve this sausage cold as part of a smorgasbord, as a sandwich topping, or as a snack with beer”

They are the size of small cocktail sausages and I finished off the pack in the fridge, slicing them up finely to throw into the omelette.

Conclusion; This is one time saving tip I shan’t repeat.


  1. Might be interesting to experiment with different flavours of crisps?

  2. You're right...I can't make an omelette. It is one thing I just can't conquer! Lesley

  3. This reminds me of a women's group meeting. We were discussing desserts for an event. The Canadians in the group were all in favour of a mock apple pie made without apples,but Ritz crackers! I was sitting next to a wonderful lady in her 90s. who had a broad Northern Irish accent. We sat making ( not very nice) comments about the pie to one another ,we ended up in fits of giggles and won the glares of all the ladies around the table.This made our giggling worse.
    Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful lady!

  4. I love the idea of the Elk sausages. I might see if my mum will grab me a pack next time she visits, shes something of an ikea addict.

    x x


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