Tuesday, 21 January 2014

52 Projects, Week 3

52 projects

IMG_0832I am not sure if I can keep this up! Week 1 was actually making a start on the list [that’s definitely a Work In Progress] and Week 2 was the Remake of the Amish Dress. But Scarlet asked about that white tunic which was stained [I blogged about it in October last year] and wondered if I had managed to rescue it yet. Having put that item on my 52 Projects list, I took that as an encouragement to fix things.

I began by tidying up my stash of lace and trimmings, and particularly sorting out the white cotton oddments. Empty wooden cotton reels which I’d been saving for some unspecified purpose came into their own as I wound lengths of lace round them


I also had a little bag of random motifs and collar pieces – I pressed these and looked at them carefully. I am not sure who gave all these to me!



This little collar is not white, it is ecru – but why did the original owner cut out that daisy? Perhaps she too wanted a little patch to cover a stain . I had some good lengths of broderie anglaise trim, both wide and narrow.

There followed much thought, and consultation with Bob . “Look at these, please – which is better, ‘A’ or ‘B’?”– it was a bit like visiting the Opticians. I came to a decision. I got some broderie trim about 1½” wide. I pressed a pleat all round which started at the top of the stain, and was 1” deep. Here’s a picture of the back of the top.


The stain still showed through, but I sewed three overlapping rows of trim [to the front only] and that looked good.


There were afour small black spots still showing, so I cut individual cotton daisies from a strip of narrow trim, and sewed them down. I now have a top which I can still wear – entirely repaired from bits and pieces I had already. Very pleased with this.




  1. Good save :) now you have a new shirt for just a bit of effort. You are steaming ahead with your projects!

  2. Job well done. Shirt looks as good as new.

  3. That looks good. I had a white top I loved which acquired a small discolouration stain on the front, so when DD17 was dying [that looks wrong! "using dye"] one of her shirts, I popped my top in too and it came out a fetching shade of lilac. Not being a sewing person, that was my ideal solution but I understand that depending on the nature of the stain, it wouldn't necessarily work on everything xx

  4. You would never know there had been a stain. Well done!

  5. Yay! It looks fab. I loved that top when you blogged about it. I'm so glad that you have been able to rescue it!

  6. Iron on 'bonding' is very good too for using fabric to cover stains, I've done this on a couple of good quality t shirts.
    The stain? Usually curry, so it must be the turmeric and any oil that gets fixed in it!

    1. Bonding a patch to cover a stain is an excellent idea, Sandie. I am not a great curry fan - but I can imagine the havoc which oil and turmeric could wreak on a favourite garment.

  7. Those are creative solutions!

  8. That's brilliant Ang! What a super save! X

  9. Another job well done. It's very satisfying finishing something you didn't wish to start in the first place.
    Love from Mum

  10. Wonderful! I liked having a look at your collection of collars and motifs!

    By the way, somehow you fell off my bloglist without my knowing it, and I'd become rather worried about you! "It's not like Angela not to post for a whole week," I thought. Finally I realized that the problem wasn't that you were deathly ill (thank goodness!) or had run off to some tropical island, but that you had somehow gotten cropped from my blog roll. Phew!

    Okay, then. Carry on.


    1. No, definitely not deathly ill, nor yet on a tropical island - but thank you for your concern. Why does this happen to blogrolls? mine does it occasionally too - most irritating.


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