Saturday, 11 January 2014

Write On!

A quick update on my red pen – now down from 10cm to 7cm of ink – here is a new one beside my started one.


And thankyou Kath, who sent me an email saying she has a Red Letter Bible – I had quite forgotten about these, although my grandmother had one. These are Bibles [usually King James Version] where the words of Jesus are printed in red ink. This is because they are so important, and so precious, they need to stand out on the page, my Nana said.

red letter bible

Despite a serious hunt in the loft, I’ve been unable to track down my Spirograph set – so plans for mathematical doodling currently on hold.


  1. Wow, you have written a lot in the last few days! Is that a normal amount of writing for you? I find I write less these days with so much computer use, but I do use pens until they run out so will look out for a pack of these pens. Thanks for the heads up on the offer. I'll have to change my habits for a while and use one pen at a time instead of having a pen in every possible space where I might want to write something! I too like red pens. Have a great day, Vee x

  2. You could try zentangling instead! I've found that to be a great way to relax, to empty your mind a little and to just "be". I love it. There's an example on my View from the Teapot blog.

  3. If I find ours in the Weekend's Great Tidy I'll send it on! You can return it when next we meet ha ha ha!

  4. Shame, I just got rid of a,spirograph!! I just found my red letter bible too which I'm going to give to my church as we were trying to get 2000 bible to give to everyone in the parish it something like that. I've got 3 or 4 others at least ay home so that's good!


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