Wednesday, 1 January 2014

When One Door Closes…

…another opens, goes the saying. Here we are at the close of 2013 and the opening of 2014.


This moment in the year is always an opportunity for reflection on the year gone by, and hopes for the year ahead. 2013 has had some wonderful moments, and some sad moments – I have rejoiced with friends at the birth of new babies, and wept with those who mourn a loss. I’ve been thrilled by the hopes and dreams of those who have made wedding vows, and grieved with those facing marriage breakdown.

It has been exciting watching students learn [to read, to sew, even to do ‘division by chunking’] and heartwarming to see people growing in faith and learning to trust God more. I have made new friends [many out there in Blogland] and been shown amazing kindness by people I barely know. For that, I give thanks.

But I have been saddened by the evil in the world - wars in far off lands, and petty squabbles in my own village. I have struggled with my own failings, but been conscious too of small personal achievements. I continue to remain immensely proud Bob and the girls [and their partners] - plus my wider kinfolk, and my church family. And above all, I know that God will be with us in the days ahead, whatever life throws at us.

Perceptive readers may have spotted that despite the title of the post, the picture shows two closed doors. They are the new ones redeemed recently from a neighbour’s skip in Kirby and now fitted by Bob to the bedrooms here at Cornerstones. The picture below shows one of them adjacent to the kitchen door. The styles match really well, I think. But the great thing is that the previous owners fitted that door when they altered the kitchen, and this space had no external window. By putting that glazed door there, the light shines through from the kitchen, which makes all the difference.


Lord, as we enter this new year, help us to look to you, to be the Light to guide our paths, and may we reflect that Light to help others struggling in the darkness.

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot put it out


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family

  2. Nice reading , thank you Angela . Good work on the doors .
    Doors are interesting . They can be closed to you in family disagreements .
    Opened wide in Welcome
    create anticipation , wondering what lies behind them .
    Wouldn't it be interesting to know how others think of doors
    happy new year

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours! x

    I could do with finding some doors in a skip, our upstairs ones are definitely on the way out. :)

  4. Amen! A lovely post Angela and encouraging as always x

  5. You certainly have light shining in your hallway now!
    Jane x

  6. Your doors look very good, Angela.

  7. Lovely post, thought provoking as ever, thankyou. Wishing you and yours well in 2014, Vee x

  8. Happy New Year, A! How wonderful to get some unexpected light in the room.


  9. Happy New Year! I was not reading my bible much or having devotions. I began one year ago reading a devotional and scripture before I went to bed. Honestly, at first I just read it. Didn't take much in but did it more as a discipline. Now, no wonder I struggled to make it during the time I was not reading. God is now giving me direction and helping to keep me calm in this world we live in.

  10. So pleased to read this Rita - may 2014 be full of blessings for you xx


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