Saturday, 4 January 2014

Ten Things To Remember In 2014

ribbon finger

I am not doing New Year Resolutions this year- just Reminders To Myself

These mostly revolve round weight loss, money saving, healthy living and good housekeeping.

I will do my best, but I am not going to wallow in guilt when I fail [for I shall inevitably do so] nor spend time gloating if I succeed.

Here then is my list…

  • We serve extremely good coffee after church – and then I come home for Sunday Lunch – I do not need to eat a biscuit with my coffee
  • The bin men come on Wednesdays. Emptying wastepaper bins and clearing rubbish should therefore be done on a Tuesday to stop last minute panic as I hear the dustcart further up the road.
  • If the ironing is done regularly, the basket will not overflow – and it will not take so long to put away afterwards.
  • Unless I have more than two heavy bags to carry, there is no reason why I should not walk to church.
  • Just because it is ‘on offer’ does not mean it is a bargain.
  • I have a beautiful bicycle, I should use it often
  • It is possible to walk round a Charity Shop and come out empty handed, and without feeling guilty.
  • Just because I believe it is good to share things in a happy marriage, that does not mean everything has to be shared equally. Especially when serving up food. Bob is bigger than me and needs more calories.
  • Checking emails late at night is a Bad Idea. It is better for me to check earlier in the evening, and switch off the PC when I have finished with it, that way I will not be kept awake with concerns that can wait till tomorrow.

ribbon finger

And finally – there is so much ribbon in this house, I could tie a new little bow like this on my finger every day for the whole year. This year I will sort out my ribbons and use them up or give them away.

I do not find that this is a good method of remembering things anyway. A note in my filofax or a Post-It over my PC is much more effective. How do you remember things?


  1. I do not like to eat a biscuit with my coffee. Yes!! mostly revolve round weight loss, money saving, healthy living and good housekeeping. It is also good to avoid obsessive behaviors. Most of them include purging and extreme exercise.
    Kopi Luwak

  2. I think my ironing mountain is something I am going to have to sort out. Somehow it never gets any smaller!
    I write notes to myself in the Hall Diary....and then forget to read them.

  3. I don't like to eat a biscuit either. It has to be at least two. I shall stop sending depressing emails at midnight in solidarity. And go on, wear a new ribbon every day, that would be really very fabulous indeed. Obviously it would need blog journaling too!

  4. Lists, lists, and more lists - how I remember anything at all!

  5. i once bought some ribbon at a thrift shop and we didnt have anything to do with it so my daughter and i started fixing fancy little envelopes with it, and tying it to presents also.

  6. Love, love your list and could do with remembering a few things from it myself!! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  7. I've gone for the no resolutions stance this year too so I can understand your list of daily life improvements with no glory or guilt attached to them. The only one I'd avoid like the plague is the ironing one. I refuse to iron unless it is absolutely unavoidable and have managed only to have used the iron once while I've lived in this house in 18months. I just fabric soften everything, line/airer dry and try not to buy hard or creasy clothes. I may be a domestic slut but the extra time saved more than makes up for this 'flaw'!

    I'm very jealous of your ribbon stash and am sure you'll find a nice use for them.

  8. If I really need to remember something, I email myself from my phone or else I tell the Man to remember for me. He's good about doing that 80% of the time.

    I think resolving to make small changes (not eating that biscuit, for instance) is the way to go. I've made a few resolutions, but only for the month of January (follow a budget, cut way down on sweets). The idea of having to stick to anything for a year is terrifying. A month I can do.


  9. If it's not on a list ,it doesn't exist !
    Jane x

  10. I have to write things down on a piece of paper. If I have no paper or the idea comes to me in the middle of the night I have to associate each thought with a letter of the alphabet and then just try to remember the letters. I can usually recall everything the next day - usually!!
    Love from Mum
    PS Now I have a Filofax I can make lists.

  11. I've started taking multivitamins and have set a reminder on my mobile every day for a month until it becomes second nature.

  12. I absolutely love your list, Angela!

  13. I used to remember things simply by using my brain. Then I turned 50. Now I'm simply forgetting things until I come up with a better method!


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