Thursday, 16 January 2014

Quite Busy Right Now…

…but still dancing. As Snoopy says



  1. Oh Ang, dance on! Well done you. I thought of you yesterday when one of my enterprising young French teenagers told me she was going to make some fancy dress costumes with friends for la Carnaval! They have the idea of making crinnolines for princess dresses. If you have ever done anything like this (they are thinking of using hoops) and if you have time to send me a link to what you did, then I know she'd love to read it! But if it doesn't fit in the dance, then don't worry at all... I have a Jane Asher fancy dress book somewhere, I know...

  2. They are absolutely right to use hoops. Make a cylinder of tulle and attach top edge to the hoop. Then put 6 tapes [about 15-20cm long] equally spaced round the top - and attach the other end of tapes to a long tape which will tie round the waist,
    This will give you a basic hanging crinoline. Your outer dress/skirt should be full enough and big enough to drape over that. If you want the full effect, you need to sew a second hoop round the bottom of the tulle cylinder.
    Alternatively just make a very full petticoat, with 3 tiers of gathered tulle, with casing at waist for elastic. Each strip should be 10"deep, and measure 48", 96" and 144" long. This will give you increasing fullness without the rigidity of hoops.
    I have done both these methods in the past - and found the latter more comfortable to wear!

    1. Fantastic! Thanks so much, Ang. I will print this out for her lesson next week - her English is good so she'll really enjoy reading your instructions. Then she can translate them for her friends!


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