Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Tiny Toes

The girls I work with on Tuesdays both wanted to make baby shoes – so I have spent time over the weekend preparing some exemplars for them, to take to today’s session…


The patterns are all from the internet – from left to right

  • Craft Bits ‘matryoshka doll’ shoes [here]
  • Stardust shoes [here]
  • Purlbee baby shoes [here]
  • Martha Stewart felt slippers [here]


The Purlbee shoes don’t show up well in my photo – please do click on this link to see the originals in a glorious rainbow of colours! They are completely hand-sewn. The others are a mixture of hand and machine work – and quite fiddly to make because they are so tiny. I shall be interested to see which style the girls choose.

The two pairs shown above are my favourites. I don’t mind making exemplars of small items like this – I am glad it was nothing larger.


  1. The slippers are cute. I think it's wonderful that the young people you;re teaching to sew really want to learn.


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