Monday, 6 January 2014

The Gift Of The Magi

If you do not know the enchanting short story with that title by the American writer O Henry, take a few minutes to read it sometime [here] I was surprised and delighted to receive gifts from three magi this Christmas [but mine were all wise women stargazers bloggers]

I read lots of blogs, and occasionally comment. What has overwhelmed me is that these blogfriends not only read my comments but responded by sending me gifts which reflect remarks which I have posted in the past year.  I will not embarrass them by naming them here- but I want to thank them for their generosity.


IMG_1363-001Mysterious parcels arrived by post during December, and were placed under the tree

In a discussion about having cold feet in bed, I said I wore a very old pair of ugly bright yellow Virgin Airways freebie flight socks. I now have a pair of stylish grey bedsocks, with the added safety feature of little rubber dimples on the soles [so I can make nocturnal trips to the loo without risk of slipping over]

IMG_1363-003Commenting on a friend’s post about signature perfumes, I lamented the fact that having found one I liked it had been discontinued. How she found a pristine bottle of it I do not know, but I love it!

Steph once told me that as a homesick student, she would sometimes go to the perfume counter just to sniff the fragrance and be reminded of home!]

IMG_1363-002And having declared that I was using up my wool stash, and therefore making projects requiring small amounts of yarn, I was sent a lovely book of tiny motifs [this may get a proper review later]

Not gold, frankincense, and myrrh – but nonetheless treasured gifts from special friends. One day I hope we shall get to meet in person.

Somebody wrote on their blog last week that they were giving up blogging, as blogs are out of fashion now. I disagree. I continue to find such thoughtful people out there in Blogland, and value these new friends. Thank you again, you lovely people.

I have not forgotten that I said in December I would do a blog-giveaway to celebrate 200+ followers. I had put something special aside for it, and then a friend happened to mention in conversation that she would like such an item [not knowing I had one]…so I gave it to her instead! Back to Square One on that one. But it will happen!


  1. There's nothing quite like spontaneous giving to warm the soul when it's chilly outside.
    I didn't know blogs had gone out of fashion. What on earth will this person do with her spare time? What else can you do in bed with a cup of tea and an iPad in the mornings?!!

  2. :) It was just serendipity!
    So if I read that something's out of fashion, I must this follow the crowd and give up something I love? What a very odd reason to give something up! X

  3. What lovely gifts, how heartwarming to hear of such kindness, how nice for you - some tangible thankyous for a great blog. How silly to think blogging has gone out of fashion, and what on earth has fashion to do with it anyway? Strikes me as rather a shallow reason to stop blogging. Can't wait to hear the book review, it could be just what I need to deal with tiny amounts in my stash. Have a great day,
    Vee x

  4. Aren't there some lovely generous people out there!

  5. Unanticipated gifts are the best--or I guess I should say unanticipated thoughtful gifts are the best. How lovely! As for blogging going out of style ... that's an odd reason to give it up if you're enjoying it. I would very much miss all my blogging friends if I stopped, so here we go for year number ... 7?! yikes!


  6. The bloggers I know are all lovely, generous ,kind hearted people.
    Jane x

  7. I hope everyone doesn't suddenly stop blogging as it's "gone out of fashion", I've only just got started!
    What lovely gifts from blogging friends

  8. Not being a slave of fashion I shall not worry about the mass exodus which may shortly take place from Blogdom ... it will make more room for those of us who come here to meet our friends. :)

    That is a lovely story by O. Henry, and those gifts are lovely too. How nice to know that your friends really listened to what you had to say!


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