Saturday, 18 January 2014

Skirting The Issue

Two years ago, I bought a Next dress in a charity shop for £4. I didn’t like the cap sleeves so took them off- and wore the dress on its own, or sometimes over a shirt.


witness kelly and harrison

Then one day last year Bob said something about the dress “having a sort of Amish-housewife look about it” – and I just knew he didn’t mean in a Harrison-Ford-likes-Kelly-McGillis sort of way. So the dress was temporarily relegated to the wardrobe in the spare bedroom.

52 projects

Then a couple of blogs [here, here] I dip into on a regular basis mentioned the 52 projects thing. So I started making a list – and ‘do something with that Next dress’ was high on the list.


I carefully dismembered the dress, then I dug out this Simplicity pattern, which I purchased [on offer] a little while ago, and used the skirt part to cut out the pieces for the shorter of the two skirts on the pattern. There was a fair bit of fabric there. I used some vintage buttons for the little tabs, and not having any brown twill tape, faced the waistband with some scarlet tape from the Great Stash.

On the left – the one on the pattern – on the right, my new skirt

official lisette pic


IMG_1388The first thing on my 52 list was ‘make a list’ and the second ‘sort out Next Dress’ – and here we are in week 3. I have some cheerful yellow cotton print, so maybe if I have time, this week’s project will be to make one of the tops from the pattern…

I shall wear the skirt with my green opaque tights and boots and a green poloneck sweater. That certainly won’t look too Amish, will it?


  1. Great overhaul but Bob was a little mean, I really liked the look with the shirt! CBC sometimes tells me I dress like a little girl and I just smile and continue wearing it! X

    1. I agree! I love a pinafore :) but I love the new skirt too :)

  2. You would be banished from an Amish community wearing that skirt!
    I love re- purposing things, whether they are clothing or furnishing or plastic bottles - don't get me started on re-cycling lol!
    I've joined Pinterest........'nuff said!

  3. I once tried on a dress in a store.I asked Chris' opinion..."you look as though you've just been rescued from a compound".The dress remained in the store.
    Jane x

  4. I really liked the dress when you removed the sleeves. Great job turning it into a skirt though.
    Did you manage to rescue the white tunic that had a stain on it?

    1. Not yet - it IS on my 52 projects list though!!

  5. Don't ever ask husbands to comment on what you want to wear! Good luck with your next project. This 52 list certainly helps with the motivation.
    Love from Mum

  6. I remember the Next dress from first time round! How wonderful, and I like the skirt very much indeed!,

  7. I have a couple of Next dresses that I wear just like that! Never thought of the Amish housewife look... Great repurposing though :-)

  8. I thought it looked rather chic over the shirt!
    But it looks good as a skirt too.
    I wish I had your vision for reinventing things though.

  9. Great transformation! Glad you are getting a little bit of motivation from the challenge and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone gets done over time :)

  10. Good work, Angela! That's impressive, and a vast improvement.

  11. I thought it looked very cute with the blouse under it. But I know what it's like to want to dress to please your husband. :) Great makeover, and what a creative use for the tabs.


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