Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Don’t Play With Your Food, Angela!

Were you ever told that? It usually happened when I sulkily pushed my cabbage round the plate in an effort to avoid eating it! When I had children of my own, I took the opposite approach- making faces in the mashed potato with peas and ketchup, or cutting veg into silly shapes. Eating – like education – should not just be of benefit, but also be enjoyable! In the past week I have encountered some foodstuffs which have made me smile.

We had ‘cauliflower rice’ on Sunday. I picked this idea up from the Sainsburys magazine. Useful if you want to eat less carbs.


Place some cauliflower in a food processor and process until the florets are the size of grains of rice. Put in a jug or bowl, add 10ml of water [no more, it will go mushy] and microwave for 2 minutes.

I need to work more on seasonings [Bob thinks more black pepper, or perhaps smoked paprika] but it was good nonetheless It does look remarkably like rice, and it had sufficient ‘bite’ to it.

Also on Sunday, a lovely picture from my SIL, Denise, which she knew would amuse me – free range noodles - Who knew?

cauli rice

These noodles are probably healthier than that farmed spaghetti, which Richard Dimbleby filmed being harvested back in the 1950s!

Chris Evans was talking on Friday about eating haggis, as people anticipated Burns’ Night. Here is a picture of a wild haggis for you.


The best way to catch one, apparently, is to lie very quietly on a grouse moor, until one approaches, then make a noise like a sporran!


  1. I did laugh when reading this - what a hoot!

  2. Ha! Very funny, and what a beautiful haggis, so lovely to see them in the wild.

  3. Mmmm, I can imagine that free range pasta galloping merrily round its feeding grounds.

  4. Oh yes, I remember with fondness the 'haggis hunts' when we lived in Scotland. The trickiest to catch were the vegetarian ones, as they were quite reclusive.
    Jane x

  5. The cauliflower rice sounds like something I might try but the last one reminds me of April 1st

  6. Ah, thank you! I had heard of cauliflower rice but assumed you did the "ricing" after cooking, which seemed like it would make an awful mess. That is far more sensible and doesn't require a saucepan.

    Also, I've seen on a pub menu "Outdoor reared Hampshire pork sausages"!

  7. Hahaha spaghetti weevil! brilliant! i wish television april fools were as good as that nowadays!!!

  8. Ha ha, Haggi (plural of haggis???) Are very rare to see!!! X

  9. I've been meaning to make this pizza with cauliflower for ages - you toss the cumin in harissa and spices so it resembles merguez sausage, then use it to top the pizza. You've prompted me to give it a go!

  10. That is so strange, I was talking to one of our year 6 pupils about the spaghetti advert this morning.....


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