Friday, 17 January 2014

Not Fit For Human Consumption

There is a very old story about a desperate Vicar appealing to his rather unreliable congregation* for contributions to the Harvest Lunch. “What we want is not abstract promises” he declared “but concrete puddings!” I thought of him yesterday as I passed a building site in the middle of Leicester


As I approached, I thought I saw some cupcakes on the ground

IMG_1381In fact they are part of the reinforcement of the concrete foundations, and for some reason the filler in each pipe is an amazing pink colour.

IMG_1382But from a distance, they did look like chocolate cupcakes, with strawberry frosting and a flake stuck in the top of each one!

*I should say that our fellowship are brilliant at providing refreshments for events like last week’s visit by Lyn Green [new General Secretary of the Baptist Union] We had carrot cakes, fruit loaf, scones with cream and strawberry jam, mince pies with starry toppings, ginger and spice cake…No wonder I cannot lose weight!


  1. How funny! they do look just like strawberry iced cup cakes!!

  2. I bet you thought you were hallucinating! These do look just like cupcakes though and I hope you made sure you stopped to get some real ones in a coffee shop afterwards-just to calm yourself of course!

  3. Ha! Look at that. We used to have chocolate concrete for pudding at school. Yummy.

  4. I've seen a few 'concrete' puddings at our church suppers.
    Jane x


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