Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Mellow Yellow

52 projects

Here’s #4 in the 52 Projects Challenge – a new top in a bright summery fabric


For this I must thank my neighbour, Yvonne, who gave me this yellow fabric some while ago. She said she’d had it for years, but never done anything with it. It’s cotton – and measured 36” wide. I cannot remember the last time I saw that width in a fabric shop! It is a wonderfully retro print. I wish I had a photograph of my teenage bedroom to show you – in 1969, three of the walls were yellow, and one was orange- and there was a square panel over the old fireplace, which had been papered with a wallpaper in an orange/yellow print very similar to this fabric. I thought it was so stylish!


I used the Lisette pattern [from the ‘Amish’ skirt]I and found 4 equally retro buttons in one of my jars. They are just decorative – the top slips over the head and has no fastenings at all. Easy!IMG_1410

Here’s the finished article


It was incredibly simple to make up – but there was a fair bit of hand-hemming to do; the bottom, the sleeves and the neckline facing. That suited me – I could machine the seams, and then sit in front of the TV to finish things off. If I made it again, I think I would make the whole thing [and possibly the sleeves] slightly longer.

Now I am trying to decide whether to use the other length of cloth Yvonne gave me to make the tunic [or even the dress] included in the pattern. I would certainly recommend this particular pattern as it is well produced and easy to use, with clear instructions.

I’ve decided am not going to write about every single one of these 52 Projects. Some of them are quite boring [such as “line the Cornerstones bedroom curtains”and “sort out Bob’s old shirts as potential for patchwork”] but I shall still endeavour to complete something from my list each week.


  1. A perfect top for January, when it seems like we might never see the sun again. Very cheerful! I envy you your sewing skills.


  2. Isn't it satisfying to actually tick a project of your list - I am sure that top will prove most useful both alone or over a thin long sleeved top till the warmer weather comes!

  3. I love your new top. My kind of colours and my kind of print too - it's the sort of fabric that makes my heart sing!

  4. I love finishing things off by hand. It makes me feel a greater sense of achievement for some reason.

  5. Hi there, I love your top. It will be so nice and cool for summer. If you want to make top longer just find a piece of plain material to match and add a double thickness band at the bottom...or even use any remnants joined together and backed/faced with plain. I did this extra banding on the bottom of a sweet cheap dress I bought which was too short for me and then made a matching easy Obi belt to finish it off....all made from materials I had in my cupboard. I put some photos in my blog which I'm having fun writing , also learning many new things in the process. Have a great day...ps...I agree with your sentiments from Romans. My husband does lay preaching.
    Greetings from Australia , Alexa from


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