Thursday, 9 January 2014

Red Letter Days

Originally these were days in the mediaeval church calendar that had been decreed to be special holy days or saint’s days - and were marked in red. In Scandinavia, public holidays are often called ‘red days’. I am declaring that January is to be full of Red Letter Days.
I’m taking part in the Bic Cristal Challenge. Details and claim form here. The idea is that you are challenged to finish up one of their pens.  You must buy a pack of 10 Bic Cristal ballpoint pens [around £3 usually, but half that price in Sainsburys this week] and then when one is completely used up, you send it back [along with till receipt] and they will send you £10. I’ve decided to write as much as I can in red therefore, and put one of the red pens from my pack into my Filofax
The purchase must be no less than 30 days prior to the date when the form is submitted. I measured the length of ink in the tube – approx 10cm – and at the end of my first day it was 9.5cm. So I think it will take around a month to finish – some days I write more than others.
I have always had a fondness for red ink – I think it is a shame it has so many negative connotations [like overdrawn bank statements ‘gone into the red’ and unpleasant comments in the margin from teachers] Maybe I should get my ancient Spirograph set down from the loft and doodle a few patterns to help speed the ink on its way! This is a financial challenge too good to be ignored!
spirographspirogrpah 2
Apologies to Vee and everyone else that this piece didn't post properly this morning!!


  1. That's a good challenge!!! I write loads do I'd give it a go! X

  2. The spirograph is a great idea! For some reason, the red designs always looked best, and yes, you would use up lots of ink.

    I love red. I love red work and red and white quilts, and Snow Red was my favorite sister.

    Good luck!


  3. Sounds interesting. We've just been told to start marking in purple!! Jx

    1. I have worked in schools where you are expected to use green. Others where they use the 'tickled pink' system, and lots where they RAG [red, amber, green] I suspect it is a conspiracy by the pen manufacturers to get us to use more pens. Which is why this particular challenge is good fun!!

  4. I used up my last 'good' red pen before Christmas and realised earlier in the week (when sitting down to mark 6th Form assessments) that I hadn't replaced them. I'll look out for a Bic pack, I feel like I get through so many pens, though it might be that I loan them to students and don't get them back. Perhaps I should get something of their's in return!

  5. I thought that writing in red was symbolic of writing in the recipient's blood! Maybe I've misled a generation of pupils, and two small boys!

  6. I love coloured pens for my notes at school - i currently have a ten pack of staedtler fineliners with a rainbow of colours and black and brown too!! they last for ages and they don't dry out. I reckon what with all the revision going on I could use a bic pen in about a week!!!! good challenge, shame you have to be over 18 to enter


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