Monday, 9 July 2018

Child's Play

A few weeks back I posted a teaser about some crafts I had been doing. Now all can be revealed...
Steph and Gary's wedding barbecue included three very important guests- their nieces, Ava, Elodie, and Rosie.
As they'd missed the actual ceremony, I thought it would be good to make them 'busy bags' to keep them occupied during the afternoon of the BBQ [I didn't expect these young ladies would be glued to the football on TV after all]
So I made every girl a labelled bag - each containing bride and groom hand puppets [featuring Steph's pretty shoes, and Gary's amazing striped socks] and a tiny pouch holding a pair of rabbit finger puppets [Geoff and Jim, the famous Brotherton Bunnies] along with a pot of bubbles to create sparkly bubbles in the sunshine. Elodie is the youngest niece, so she and 4 month old baby Thomas also get their own embroidered bandanas.

 A warren of rabbits
Creating those pink and purple striped socks was a  real challenge, I ended up colouring the fabric with a Sharpie

But I handled it OK. Sadly Ava and Elodie got a sickness bug and in the end they missed the party - but at least they have the bags to enjoy. Rosie was very taken with the puppets. They were a good entertainment for her during the football. 


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