Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Dotting The Eyes

Why did Ofsted fail the cross-eyed teacher?. ..because she couldn't control her pupils.
I'm busy helping Miriam, our Youth Minister, to prepare the crafts for Kids' Club. Someone gave us some boxes of Candy Canes. So we are using them to make reindeer [just don't ask me to explain why]
I  needed 300 very small eyes. However past experience has shown that the children really struggle to peel off the tiny circles on the back of googly eyes in order to expose the adhesive.
I suggested we bought eyes on sheets which are easier to use. 
But these eyes are expensive. A local craft store wanted £3 for a sheet of 65. No way am I spending £15 on stick-on eyes.
But in the scrapbooking embellishments section, I found half-pearls. 372 of them on a sheet for just £1.50.
That's less than 1p per reindeer! 
It didn't take long with a Sharpie to draw in the pupils.
I know lots of you do kids' craft so I thought this was a thrifty tip worth sharing.
Last month I heard from Sarah, a missionary working in Thailand. She'd seen a picture of a children's Bible craft on Pinterest, traced it back to my blog, and contacted me to ask if I could send her a template. It was from 2014, but I still have it on file, so was happy to help.

What did Santa say to his wife when he looked out of the window?
"It looks like rain, dear" 


  1. Your wisdom and kindness spreads far and wide Ang! The pearls are a brilliant substitute!x

  2. Oh Groaaann! :-)
    We don't have Sunday school during July and August but what they've done this year is that any child coming to Sunday service is given a bag - a Bible story that reflects the Sunday lesson, a word game, some crayons with a page to colour for the younger ones - that sort of thing. There is also a small table and chairs set up in the church hall so if children are too restless then there is still somewhere for parents to take them.
    Hasn't the Internet made this such a small world!

  3. You do an amazing amount of prep work for all these activities, Angela. The candy cane reindeer sounds like an excellent "Christmas in July" activity!


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