Saturday, 7 July 2018

Thinking Outside the Box

Perhaps I shouldn't have gone into the Community Centre - but the sign said "Sale of Crafting Materials". Inside there were around twenty ladies, all trying to reduce their stash. I dithered and wondered and then purchased a "We R Memory Keepers" item called a Box Punch Board.
This very nifty little gadget makes gift boxes in lots of different sizes.
And I could see it proving very useful [and it was less than half the price of new- but hadn't been used] I got into conversation with the stallholder. 
When I got home, I tried it out and made boxes in 3 different sizes - but each one from an 8" square of paper. [this is an internet picture] I told Bob the lady had a few other We R MK punch boards, but I had been very restrained, only getting the one I felt most useful. But she was back two weeks later at Ferndown Fete right opposite my story tent. She'd reduced her prices still further.
After buying the first board, I'd looked things up on the net, and discovered they are even more versatile than at first appears. So I bought the Candy Box Punch Board. 
These boards are cleverly designed- and have the full instructions printed on them - and they have a built in bone folder/scorer [a bit like a cheese knife, which slides niftily in the side of the board]

You place the card agains the line, punch a hole, and score a fold line...and repeat...and then it folds up into a box. All very well organised engineering.

This is the board which has been busy this week. Instead of making the regular 'candybox' which has gathered in ends like a boiled sweet or a Christmas Cracker, I made flat-bottomed boxes.These are the designs with two ends. Here are others with just one end I found online - these celebrating St Patrick's Day.
The three dozen boxes I have made will be filled with jelly beans and in a basket in Manchester

Following their small, quiet and dignified wedding ceremony in April, Steph and Gary are hosting a Family Barbecue this afternoon. Lots of fun and food [and also football!] I am quite pleased with the little wedding favours I have produced...


  1. Never heard of them before but it looks like you got a real good buy there, it's going to be very useful.

  2. Really lovely. Well done for going for it.

  3. Replies
    1. Brilliant, thanks. Pictures may follow

  4. That is a BRILLIANT buy that will save you so much time and will no doubt be used for a myriad good causes!x


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