Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bubbles, Biscuits And Bags

I have never done this type of quilting. Known as biscuit, bubble or puff quilting, it involves sewing a large square of fabric onto a smaller square and filling the inside with wadding.  Ones from the USA seem to be very stuffed, British ones are less so!
A friend at church gave me some bags of fabric which had belonged to his late wife- and inside were 4 panels of these squares.
Not quite enough to make a baby quilt - but I didn't want to waste them. I sewed them in pairs, and lined them with some of the white sheeting from another of the bags, then put lace round the top.

And here are two pretty 'sleeping bags' for the American Girl Dolls.

I am so glad I could put these pieces to good use. I am sure the lady who originally made them would be glad they were not just staying in a carrier bag in the back of the wardrobe.


  1. I have all the 5 inch squares cut out for a puff quilt but I still need to cut out the 4 inch ones

  2. What a great use for the quilt pieces!

  3. That is such a sweet use for them!


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